The City of Maitland’s Development Review Committee unanimously approved Metro Square, a BREL Capital apartment living mixed-use project in the heart of Downtown Maitland we are proud to be the Architect for on the project. The six-story apartment living project includes a parking garage, with 45,000 square feet of retail space.

The new Metro Square is designed after the architectural influences of the Dutch West Indies, Bermuda, New Orleans, Charleston, and St. Augustine, giving the project a Pan-Caribbean flavor that allows the residence and the retail mixed-use project to remain lively in patterns, color and design, while still fitting into the integral part of Maitland’s town fabric. This type of style was important to BREL Capital and Design Team to create an architectural statement for the project that is Southern in feel with warm inviting spaces, large overhangs and balconies and rich enduring materials.

We thoroughly enjoy working with BREL Capital and look forward to seeing Maitland Estates come to fruition!

Winter Park/Maitland Observer