We are in the business of creating places for purposeful connection. Our spirit of transforming an idea into a collaborative process through design innovation, leadership, execution of detail, and delivery of the final product is what drives us each day. We are an industry leading architecture studio, based in beautiful Winter Park, Florida, with noteworthy projects in and out of our great state.


We value all the areas of architecture which includes Civic+Community, Technology, Hospitality+Entertainment, Higher Education, Mixed-Use, and Transit Oriented DevelopmentWithin each segment, we specialize ourselves to deliver our best work, one that exceeds client expectations and delivers high-quality design.


ACi Architects understands all communities are unique, yet are faced with similar challenges and opportunities to remain vibrant in today’s economy, while remaining true to their heritage. Each community has its own distinctive assets. Identifying and leveraging them in a way that is purposeful through our Civic+Community Unique Process has brought tremendous success to the 8 communities in Central Florida where we have been Continuing Services Consultants.  Our unique process with our consulting support to communities, strengthens and maximizes its existing and future financial investment to cultivate and deliver a high-quality of life experience. Future investments for communities include architecture, community design, interior design and planning for parks, libraries, urban districts, community centers, transit oriented development, civic assets, and public-private partnerships.



From a Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort to an entertainment park design in Dubai, ACi Architects can turn your idea into reality. Situated close to one of the most in-demand cities for tourism, we understand the concept of hospitality and entertainment having worked on projects for Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, Hard Rock, Cambria Suites, Fun Spot, LA Film School + Hotel and many others. We invite you to explore these leisure and luxury environments we have helped to create with our clients. 



ACi Architects creates education environments that deeply support the learning experience of finding one’s unique abilities and discovering how to apply that to becoming a part of something much bigger than yourself.

ACi Architects’ designs are focused on the idea of delivering a “marketplace of learning” where the social and physical environment provides a setting which encourages the individuality and freedom of thought, exchange and growth for students, alumni, friends and community.



People’s attitudes about where they want to live, work, shop and play are changing.  Living within a walkable proximity to our workplaces, restaurants, schools, stores, entertainment and recreation is increasingly becoming a high value in how we define the communities we want to live in.  Listening to this shift, we have become experts in the opportunities and challenges associated with mixed-use development.  Balancing knowledge, skill and vision shaped by our extensive experience and exposure, we offer development strategy, feasibility assessment, land economic studies, urban planning and real estate expert partnerships that culminate in award winning designs.



Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is the creation of vibrant, livable, and sustainable communities. This concept also known as TOD, it’s the creation of compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around high quality transit systems. ACi Architects have been deeply involved with this idea, participating in the creation of the Winter Park Train Station, and several other development projects along SunRail. The expansion of projects such as these, makes it possible to live a life without complete dependence on a car for mobility, contributing to a walkable city for the future generations to come.



ACi Architects value the time we are living in now and the excitement of the innovation to come. These days the use of technology has increased significantly and we have slowly become more dependent on it every day. ACi Architects takes these technological advances into consideration by creating buildings that excel with the most up-to-date technology, investing in technological projects and supporting technology for medical use.  Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in South Carolina is a tremendous example of this.

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