Educating Tomorrow’s Youth Through Innovation


Educating Tomorrow’s Youth Through Innovation

ACi Architects create higher education environments that deeply support the learning experience of finding one’s unique abilities and discovering how to apply that to becoming a part of something much bigger than yourself.

ACi Architects’ designs are focused on the idea of delivering a “marketplace of learning” where the social and physical environment provides a setting which encourages the individuality and freedom of thought, exchange and growth for students, alumni, friends and community.  ACi Architects work with today’s college leaders, faculty, students and facility directors is about creating projects that are:

  • Sustainable and lasting
  • Recruitment enhancing
  • Smart buildings
  • Community integrated
  • Emerging trends with tradition
  • Strengthening the brand

Buildings on today’s campuses are required to be high-performance, flexible, adaptable and must remain cost effective. They must be designed to use less energy, to use less water, and to use sustainable materials. LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices. This certification is not the only standard, but guiding principles, goals and standards are critical criteria to delivering a high-value college campus and building.

Stetson University - Sage Hall

Colleges place a high value on architecture that will aesthetically enhance their campuses and contribute to the student-faculty community atmosphere. As higher-education markets face powerful competition, college administrators are aware that new buildings and environments are not only beneficial to recruiting students, but also integral in improving the quality of the college’s students that apply.

Colleges are looking for smart building, buildings that can integrate seamlessly into information technology systems, as well ast technological hubs that facilitate Wi-Fi and cloud computing.

Simply put, buildings and campuses have to be easy to operate, easy to maintain, use appropriate materials for their occupants, and are resilient to change as long-lasting symbols of the quality and branding of the learning it represents to the whole of society.


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