Tremendous article, “Bill Gates on What Sets UCF Apart”. We encourage you to CLICK and read the full article where you will learn why and how The Gates Foundation chooses to support UCF, “Solving this challenge will require our higher education institutions to expand access to students of all economic backgrounds and provide them a high-quality, affordable education,” Gates wrote. “In other words, our colleges and universities need to be bigger and better. UCF has been a pioneer in showing how that can be done. I hope other colleges and universities will learn from its success.”.

We are proud to partner with UCF on their  Business IncubatorCentral Florida Research Park Bannett Complex. Learn more about our project with UCF by visiting our Higher Education Projects Page on our main site. You can also CLICK this link to discover the entire Incubator and Research Park:  UCF Business IncubatorCentral Florida Research Park Bannett Complex

Photos from University of Central Florida, Nick Leyva ’15

"Bill Gates on What Sets UCF Apart"