Project Description

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot America provides affordable quality family entertainment just a short drive away from Orlando’s nationally known amusement parks. ACi Architects were hired to design a new master site plan, renovate existing buildings and breath new life into the park by expanding the park’s interactive rides and themed buildings.

The new Ferris Wheel Entry Building is now the main entrance to Fun Spot America and plays a key role in setting the pace and characteristic for a unique guest experience. As guests arrive, they are welcomed by bright signage resembling a casino accompanied by retail, ticketing and guest relations.
Fun Spot America’s main attraction is the newly redesigned Bumper Building located in the center of the park. This 2-story building has bumper cars on the ground level and the massive 200 foot high Sky Coaster on the second. The rides are supported by a ticking office, retail and two offices.

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