Project Description

City of Casselberry

ACi Architects’ created new Mixed-use Overlay/Architectural Standards for 25-acres of public-owned land that had severe site conditions, resulting in a low undevelopable market value. City had sought placemaking solutions for more than 10 years from the private sector. ACi’s new design for a large public park, lakeside restaurants & residences achieved community acceptance and produced a positive sale/financial return for the City, resulting in immediate placemaking development by the private sector strictly adhering to the design standards.

ACi Architcts’ design included highly visible large walkable/bikeable public park spaces activated by new lakes to increase market land value of building pads for residential and commercial lakeside restaurant properties. Casto and Integra are also long-range partners in the maintenance of public space, storm water collection and treatment for the overall site.

Services Include:

  • Project Design & Management
  • MXU Overlay / Architectural Standards
  • Public Park / Lakes Design
  • Lakeside Dining / Residences
  • Public Study
  • Civil / Storm Water
  • Sustainability Standards
  • Pedestrian / Bicycle Access
  • Relationship to Surrounding Uses
  • Conceptual Design Expressions

“ACi Architects’ ability to be an advocate for the City and work with the developer to design a high quality project with incredible sensitivity to our local character, history, and emphasis on placemaking, brought about excitement for our citizens within the community and the public partnership which allowed this project to happen.”

-Charlene Glancy, City of Casselberry Mayor

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