Project Description

Bank of America

The Bank of America building in downtown Winter Park was an out-dated early 1970s mixed use building. The owners hired ACi Architects to update  the building and make it appear as though it has been in Winter Park for many years. ACi Architects were able to remove and replaced the facade while the building was 100 percent occupied.

The Owner asked ACi Architects to provide artistic design services to create the architectural char­acter that now exists. A significant artistic breakthrough was made in the form of flora and fauna castings, which ACi Architects incorporated to develop the dramatic, historically accu­rate architectural detailing. These designs illustrate grapefruits as well as oranges with branches and leaves. This celebrates the long heritage of citrus growers within the Own­er’s ancestry. Additionally, it celebrates Orange County and its history as once being the citrus capital of Central Florida.

“We engaged ACi Architects to provide creative design and artistic services to the building, now known as the “Bank of America Building” (BOA). The level of creative service and quality of their architectural design and attention to color and detail was outstanding. Their creativity both crystallized and captured our vision and was easily incorporated into the construction documents and physical construction.”

– W.P. Battaglia, President, Battaglia Group

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