Project Description

Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College

Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College houses and exhibits student and national artist’s works. The space provides a place to teach, research and expand Rollins’ outreach to the surrounding community.  It was important to provide a facility that was expandable, flexible and architecturally sensitive to the Rollins College’s picturesque campus architecture. With the exception of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum entry and lobby, one of the greatest design challenges was to design a windowless building with 360 degree views that were architecturally pleasing and significant. This was done by carefully crafting the building mass and using stylistic elements such as buttresses, a water table base, slate and travertine infill to this textured stucco building. Inside there is a state-of-the-art lighting and air conditioning system to protect the environment for the preservation of art.

“From the very first day of working with ACi Architects, I was most impressed with the team’s professionalism, chemistry, and ability to communicate with one another, listen to the owner’s needs and requirements and assimilate those requirements to deliver this highly complex building in a most successful fina work of art”

– George H. Herbst, Former Vice President Emeritus and Treasurer Emeritus of Rollins College

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