ACi believes there is great value in giving your time and talent to your community. It’s a key part of our philosophy. We feel it aids in building both growth and relationship with your immediate surroundings, bringing everyone closer together. This creates a sense of unity and ownership enabling residents to take pride in their community.

The Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center selected ACi to provide design and architectural services, who then worked closely with Sam Stark, former Chamber President, and George Herbst to make this dream a reality. We sat down to ascertain the City’s goals, evaluated the needs of the community and the city and discussed budget restrictions. ACi took all this into consideration in order to develop a project the community would be proud of.

The property’s location and size posed an interesting challenge both artistically and technically. The solution was achieved by using the Mid-Atlantic Colonial Architectural Style. This style provides a simplistic form with attention to traditional architectural elements and details, both interior and exterior. As the Welcome Center stands today along the exclusive shopping district, it is striking both from the site arrival experience itself and from blocks away where the cupola can be easily recognized. This has become a positive example of a community coming together to create a unique civic symbol within Winter Park’s sense of place.